Hello everybody

Long time no see (or blogging I guess). As you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been that active on this blog or over at my YouTube channel. I LOVE blogging and making videos for you guys so it’s not that I don’t want to do it. BUT I don’t want to make content just to make content. I want to make the best content I can and content I love. The last few weeks a lot of things has been going through my mind. I feel like I need a life cleanse. Like I need to clear out on every aspect on my life. ‘Cause right now I have all these thoughts and ideas but since there’s so many and I don’t have a good game plan for where to start, I get too overwhelmed. 

So..I’m probably going to take a little more time off. I honestly don’t want to do it because I love doing these things. But again I don’t want to do something just to do it. 

Hope you guys understand.


10 ways to get happy

Newest YouTube video 😀

Todays video is LIVE! And let me just tell you.. Where I am right this moment, it’s dark and windy so I could use some of these tips myself 😉

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Have a great Friday night (mine’s going to be spend on watching “X-factor” and “Fast and Furious” ;D)




Basically me right now..;) I had an exam today and it went really well so I’m just relaxing and watching TV. I believe you should work hard to achieve your goals but sometimes it’s okay to take a day off.

What are you guys up to today? 🙂



Exam stress busters


Are you in the middle of exams right now? Yeah, me to. And let me just tell you. I’m not up for it one bit. I hate exams (but who doesn’t?). It’s just one of those things you know you have to do but sometimes you feel like just doing like the guy on the picture… I’d much rather spend my time on everything else (like I’m doing right now writing this blogpost ;)). 

But yeah..gotta pass and I have some tips which might help you out:

SLEEEP! I know a lot of people stay up all night during exams. I can’t do that. I need my sleep so I still strive to get 8 hours even during exam periods.

MAKE A SCEDUAL! What really works for me is to set a timer on my phone for 50 minutes where I only focus on the exam. Then I take a 10 minute break where I’ll listen to music, watch a YouTube video or whatever. THEN after about 3 hours in front of the computer, I’ll take a longer break.

DURING THAT BREAK I’ll have lunch, go for a walk getting some fresh air or do a little dance around the house. By doing this I receive new energy for when I go back to prepare for my exam.

SKIP THE JUNK. I know most people will eat lots of sweets, drink soda and such. But really the best thing you can do for yourself is to feed your brain with good foods like fruits, veggies and fish. And drink LOTS of water!

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Hope these tips where helpful and good luck with your exams!


Fitness routine

Fitness Routine video

Yesterdays video. Staying active is such an important thing but not always easy. In this video I give you guys my tips and tricks on how I try to be active. AND I also mention some things you might not think goes with the hole fitness-thing but most certainly it does. 

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Have a good Saturday out there! 🙂